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happy and soggy halloween. the last day in october finds a dreary and rain in night on the golden gate bridge and elsewhere. good evening. i'm dan ashley. the morning commute is going to be a bit wet. right to spencer christian who has his eye on doppler 7 hd tonight.
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spencer. >> not only is it wet now but it is going to be wet through the commute in the morning as well. we see a wide path of rainfall from sacramento into the north bay and now moving down past the golden gate into san francisco on to the peninsula and into parts of the east bay. a closer look at the north bay. is where the rain started and it continues to be wet there from santa rosa down to navado and marin county down to the golden gate and eastward out to fairfield and vacaville. looks like pockets of rather substantial rain and even farther south pushing down on to the peninsula and across the east bay to alamo and hayward. hasn't quite reached the south bay yet. but the full force of the rain hasn't reached there yet but it is on its way. i will give you you a clos clor look at the forecast and the seven days ahead a little bit later. dan? >> see you shortly. san francisco went orange and black not for halloween but for today's giants celebration. more on that in a moment. we have a lot of coverage for you.
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first, four giants revelers were hauled in to court accused of taking part in sunday night's post game riots. late today, police released this video from that night hoping it will help identify others involved. it shows the muni bus being set on fire there on the left-hand corner of the screen in the background. you can see someone throwing a fireball into the bus. police say the person in front appears to say don't do that, it's not cool. several more people add to the fire, however. the police chief says they will prosecute any one identified to the fullest extent of the law. the city also plans to pursue repayment for the destroyed bus. one of the guys who tried to stop that vandalism there from happening after sunday's game got hurt in the process but he was a guest of honor at today's ceremony for the giants. vic lee tonight with a couple of good samaritans on that day and a story -- it is a story you will see only on 7. >> we saw all this chaos going on and it looked like a war
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zone. >> reporter: on sunday, 28-year-old simon and his friends celebrated the giants sweep like other fans. they saw the chaos as they were walking towards market and third. he got worried when saw you people lighting fires in the street. >> there was a lot going on and there were children in the crowd. i was trying to urge them to get out of there. >> he saw a man holding a steel barricade in front of a muni bus. this man whose picture was widely circulated in the social media. >> and the gentleman smashing the windows in it and there were people surrounding it and starting fires. if you see something wrong happening, step in and do something. >> reporter: and he did. he tried to prevent the mob from vandalizing the muni bus. >> i took off running and the last thing i remember is getting in between people and pushing them away and i was just shouting this is not us, we don't do this. and sucker punch, kicking, blood, blood, blood and then that is all i he remember.
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my friends came to help me and dragged me out of there. >> his nose was broken. he had gashes on his face and two chipped teeth. word of the young man's bravery got to supervisor scott weiner and he invited him to hit with him in the vip section of the civic center ceremonies. >> more people feed to do that. we are all tempted to stand back and just, you know, let whatever happens happen. >> as he walk to the seating area he bumped into the friend who pulled him out and saved him from more serious injury. i asked h him later why he would risk taking on a violent mob. >> you don't want to see anything like this happen in your city. you know, i am the only one that should have a black eye and not the city of san francisco. i'm a product of the city and a native son and so proud of everything that it has given me. i wanted to give something back and nothing like this should happen. >> any regrets? would you do it again? >> absolutely. >> simon says he doesn't think of himself as a hero.
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>> i don't know if this is heroic or stupidity, probably both. >> reporter: he says no one in the crowd came to his rescue as he was being beaten. and i asked him how he felt about that. his answer -- disappointed. vic lee, abc 7 news. well, an estimated million people came in to san francisco to honor the 2012 world series champions. they lined the streets to watch the parade and packed civic center plaza for an all-day party. ♪ ♪ we are the champions >> and they are the champions of the world. the giants deservedly enjoyed the spot light. so did a few others. ♪ >> oh, boy. is the giants victory party. john miller and dave fleming two of the giants broadcasters
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cutting the rug there pretty effectively. just about everyone wanted to see the the giants honored for the world series win and abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman was on market street today along the parade route with the fans and the players. >> reporter: there were about 20 minutes today when you could stand at the corner of market and mcalleyster and watch the center of the baseball universe pass by. all you needed was an excuse to be here. >> i had world series five. which must be catching because they say about a million people had it today. there was only one cure and this would be it. >> we are all smiling. just a wonderful day. and we are blown away about what happened here. >> what happened was a lovefest. the celebration of a baseball team and also a city full on unabashed hero worship. imagine the year matt cain had. wins the all-star game and starts the final game of the world series and pitches a
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perfect game. >> what was the bigger thrill, the perfect game or this? >> i think this was. this was awesome. a bunch of guys coming together and doing one thing and it paid off. >> we heard a lot of that today. >> unbelievable. i'm -- i start crying, i laugh, i'm blown away by the support of this ball club and these people. >> can you compare this with the parade two years ago? >> it's different. we all know how to do it now. >> reporter: it's different, it's the same in the book of san francisco's happiest days ever mark this down. >> you are deferring credit but a lot of people are giving credit to you? >> no, the players. they executed and got it done and they were not going to be denied. this was a relentless group that didn't want to go home. >> and now with every passing minute, market street becomes more and more norm 58 at least as normal as market street will ever be. anyway you look at it, this is a halloween for the ages. at least in san francisco. from market street, wayne
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freedman, abc 7 news. flores. ray. wonderful. >> a great team. young team. i think the fans enjoyed both times. it is important that the city has something like this, especially everly three years. >> oh, yeah. willie mays and orlando is sepeda took part in the events. the former giants favorites helped make san francisco a baseball town. after the parade came the trek home and for these people who took the ferry it meant a very long wait in line. a very long line. look at pictures from sky 7 hd. none of them seemed to really mind. leslie brinkley with that part of the story. >> very, very long. >> reporter: how long? >> really long? >> miles long. >> yeah. miles long but it was all well worth it. >> it was worth it, yeah. >> reporter: but the giants energy still surged through the
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city with fans and even commuters infused about the excitement of the day. at the embarcadero bart station people squeezed on to platforms trying to board already jammed eastbound trains. >> we are trying to get them to squeeze in toward the middle but they just hang around the door and i can't get on the train. >> easy coming in and easy coming out. no troubles or problems whatsoever. it was amazing. all of us hung out. no problems at all. >> we got up at 5:00 in the morning to get to the parade by a good 7:00 in the morning but it is worth it. again, giants, 2012! >> leslie brinkley reporting. bart says it it is poised to break its all-time daily ridership record. before the giants crowds went home it was well north of half a million riders jam packed and bart can thank the giants for the first record, too. it was set on the day of the previous parade for the giants after they won the world series in 2010. now, our coverage of the giants victory celebration continues here tonight. you will hear from some of the thousands of fans who lined the
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parade route and some of the old timers who were part of the celebration. also, what happened to one of our reporters who was wearing dodger blue. plus -- >> many people's lives were turned upside down by the storm. >> and they still are turned upside down. the governor of new york traff. we'll have the latest. plus, the new voter record just set in
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check this out. this is a time lapse look at the giants parade today zipping by. pretty cool stuff. maybe a million people or upwards of a million people came in to enjoy the parade. kind of neat to see it in fast motion. a day of unbridled enthusiasm. confetti balloons and just a lot of fun. more now from abc 7 news reporter don sanchez. >> they were yelling before the parade began. when the players went by and after the parade had ended. the fans are part of the team, too. >> they have got heart and we love them and they are just the best team and we are so proud of them. >> is this the best team you have ever seen? >> by far. best giants team. >> he was here in 1958 when the giants moved to san francisco.
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a lock time fan. a lot of people got here very early like 6 a&m. >> you can see i'm in the very front right now. it is kind of woh it. better be than being in the far back like everyone else. >> it is about a special relation shelship with the fan. >> my favorite sign was san francisco, happiest place on earth. isn't that what it is all about? >> talk about the fans. >> incredible. having a great time. >> these fans are wonderful. that is why we won the series, the fans. it is the teamwork. >> reporter: ed lee, the ultimate fan today in orange and black. now, i'm in blue wearing an abc 7 news jacket and some fans see that as dodger blue. so a fan offered up h his giants jacket and that is easy in a crowd. >> i'm like the mvp. >> i'm not the only one subject to the team and fans. check out anthony.
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>> the day they won it i went and got my tatoo all the way. >> have to have one for the other arm. >> yes, sir. right here in the next one. >> and the fans all had one thing in common. they fully he expect another parade a year from now. >> , in san francisco, don sanchez, abc 7 news. >> and look at this. certainly looked like it was just raining confetti on market street today. the city used 24 cannons to shoot 1 ft. 1.5-tons of orange confetti. cleaning all of this will be a huge undertaking. the city has deployed 12 sweeper and steam trucks and expect to pick up 15-tons of garbage let's hope before the rain turns it into mush. they are working even as we speak on the city treats to get that cleaned up. fortunately the rain held off as you suggested it would for the parade. >> today a day to remember and tonight a night for umbrellas. the rain has arrived.
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here is a live view from the high definition roof top camera here at abc 7 looking along the embarcadero down towards the ferry building. light rain in san francisco. light rain in many locations around the bay area. the most concentrated rainfall is is still mainly in the north bay but sliding to the east bay as well and pushing southward, too. a live look at doppler 7 hd. a large mass of rainfall through the central part of the bay area reaching from sacramento right down through the east bay and into the central part of the bay area through the golden gate and out to sea and all swinging southward and east ward. you can see wet spots now in parts of marin county around navado and down towards the golden gate to the east bay and fairfield and vaca val. pockets of concentrated rainfall. on the peninsula, san mateo getting rain. now, moving slowly south but hasn't quite reached the south bay and san jose area yet but it is on the way. a wet overnight period and wet
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morning tomorrow. right now, temperature readings mainly in the low 60s a few locations closer to the coast like san francisco and san rafael and half moon bay with readings in the upper 50s. these are the forecast feature. again a rainy night for halloween. showers linger into tomorrow morning. then partial clearing in the afternoon. sunny and warmer weather will settle in for the weekend and continue into next week. satellite radar composite shows the cold front advancing in our direction. that is bringing us the rainfall out ahead of it. and that is why the wet weather is going to be with us for awhile. wet and breezy actually overnight. start the forecast animation at 11:00 tonight at which point we still have areas of moderate to heavy rain and area of light rain as well. the front will continue sweeping generally southeastward direction. by 5:00 tomorrow morning the official beginning of rush hour most of the rain concentrate in the south bay and santa cruz mountains. pockets of showers will continue to pop up here and
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there throughout the morning hours and taper off through the afternoon giving way to partly sunny skies at least. by 7:00 tomorrow evening rainfall totals approaching three quarter inch in the peninsula and north bay in general and in the east bay. up to maybe one quarter inch in the south bay and half an inch in the santa cruz mountains and maybe a full inch of rain in the north bay mountains. low temperatures tonight under cloudy and wet conditions mainly in the mid to upper 50s. relatively mild overnight. tomorrow won't be very mild but it will start to dry out a bit in the afternoon hours. we'll see the sun breaking through. high temperatures mainly in the upper 60s to right around 70 in the warmest inland locations or the mildest i should say. the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will get warmer voter weekend. we do fall back to standard time over the weekend. don't forget to set your clocks back saturday night or sunday morning. monday the warmest day in the forecast period. inland highs in the low 80s and tuesday election day looking like a superb day as well. >> good day for voting? >> great day.
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any day is a great day for voting. >> rain or shine. >> that's right. >> thank you very much. watch this. they are very cute and they want their candy. some bay area kids did not have to wait this halloween. coming up next, where trick or treater in the know go to start celebrating early. stay with
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this is russell street in berkeley tonight. celebrating halloween turned it this area into one big block party. people come from all over to enjoy this night. a lot of kids having fun. meantime, little ghosts and goblins in oakland started trick or treating early today and abc 7 news reporter nick smith went along for the fun. >> i had like a whole bunch of lollipops. >> dozens of families turned up for the trick or treat festival
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and in no time at all young people started raking in the yummy stuff. some of of the experienced vets of the candy hunt say this is the place to be. >> where is the best place to get candy? >> anywhere are. >> anywhere. >> the best canny is everywhere on halloween. >> at least it is free candy. >> so far, right here. >> and it looks like they are right. store owners i spoke with say that they spend between 30 bucks to 40 bucks for the candy they gave away. darth vader and scream and charlie chaplin impressive but it was scream who made everyone take a second look with this little trick. there will be a costume contest that will include green dinosaurs and tiny pink fairies but the true show stopper may be this ghost who simply had to have his chocolate. now, this that the trick or treating is done and all of the halloween candy is in the bag
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that is belongs in and all of these trick or treaters are ready to get home and eat it. >> sadly there is no halloween in new jersey. the governor there officially postpones celebrations until monday because of unsafe conditions after superstorms storm sandy. we'll have the latest. meantime, flammable gas leaking in the storm zone. how dangerous is it? an experiment on an invisible threat in all
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now, to the east coast and the latest on superstorm sandy. the number of people dead now put at 72. new york's governor declared a traffic emergency. he says public transit will be free tomorrow and friday. the subway will resume limited operations tomorrow.
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new york city was in gridlock today with people taking their cars because they needed to get to work, of course. more than six million homes and businesses are still in the dark. about two thirds of them in new york and new jersey. the president joined the state's is governor to tour the damage today. >> we are here for you. and we will not forget. we will follow up to make sure that you get all of the help that you need until you rebuild. >> the stock exchange was back open today in new york city after being closed monday and tuhe impact of this storm in places new jersey continues to develop. 25,000 people are said to be trapped in hoboken. flood waters are filled with livewires and sewage. it is treacherous. the national guard is doing what it can and in one town natural gas leaks are the concern. abc nightline anchor terry moran has the story. >> fires rage in the town on the jersey shore early this
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morning fueled by natural gas. a harbinger of a worst case scenario. a potential disaster after the disaster. >> you can hear the gas and smell the gas. everything you go you hear just all of the open gas lines going. just scared to death. >> reporter: do youer that? that is the sound that everyone left in the towns is fearing the most right now. a hissing gas main. you hear it on street after street right up the shore. you can smell the gas in the air and fire officials are concerned that the the towns are basically ticking time bombs. everywhere we went along the jersey shore today in town after town the air was filled with this hissing menace. >> if the wind shifts it will get into the crawl space. god fored by a spark. >> in the town of ortley beach
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frank is worried and getting angry. >> reporter: are have you called the gas company? >> five times. >> reporter: what has the response been? >> we will get there as soon as we can. >> reporter: you can actually see the gas pouring out. it ruptured monday night. >> i don't know why there is not more trucks here right now. this is where we took the main shot. this is it. like where are all of the gas trucks? you got down the block and we got down the block. why can't we get gas trucks down the block? >> we saw fleets of earth movers clearing streets choked with acres of sand. search and rescue teams continue to take the stranded to safety but only a handful of gas crews as the air fills with the makings of another catastrophe. >> terry moran reporting. can you emergency now unnerveing that would be? the gas company back there tells abc 7 news it is not dangerous and this should be no
9:31 pm
cause for concern but, of course, many don't believe that. how much gas is needed to cause an explosion? here is abc news reporter jim avila to take a look at that. >> at the virginia beach, virginia training center i'm with a firefighter who is going to show us what happens when a commercial gas meter breaks. the pilot light will be on. and look how fast it will take off. it is a frightening sound and sight. natural gas burns fast and long. and after a natural disaster like hurricane sandy where houses have been moved off their foundation and whole blocks leveled from fire, it is a hazard at every turn. there is little clue except the sulphur smell that is purposely added to the gas as a warning that danger lingers. >> what are we approaching here. you can smell the rotten egg smell. >> simulating the broken gas line and that smell is injected into natural gas.
9:32 pm
>> it kind of goes up like the outside gas grill. it is hot. >> right now seeking an ignition source. it can come from anything from a fuse on a light pole or a cigarette butt. >> but there is no real explosion, right? >> once the bass is is seeking a 5% to 17% flammable range and bam it goes up. inside a structure that is where you are going get your you explosion. >> there is plenty o evidence of that. watch as is this house is is rocked during a training exercise by arson investigators. >> explosions are hazardous and can generate pressures on the order of 35 atmospheres like a military ballistic blast that can level houses and kill people within a great distance. >> reporter: while the demonstrations today used flares to ignite sources are ignition are everywhere in a disaster zone. >> motors or fans can ignite
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it. a cherry red on an electric steve is hot enough to ignite the mixture. >> san francisco today. special moments. unleashed joy and just a lot of fun. coming up next, the best of
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if you missed today's world series celebration get ready feel like you had a front row seat. if you did attend you you will love the highlights that our producer deb put together. watch this. >> what is it likeoday? >> a good day, man. >> what difference there year compared to two years ago? >> you know, just probably a better vibe personally.
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it is hard, you know, to not -- in reality sports fans. if they are not performing, with my fantasy football that helped me out to deal with the fans. >> your story just, if they wrote a book about it i'm not sure i would buy it because it would not be possibly true. the giants and the pirates of japan looking for a job. what you did in the post season now the appreciation comes. how are you feeling right now? absolutely on top of it all? >> it as little overwhelming because i feel like i just did what i was supposed to do. >> see a closeup of that again? [ cheers and applause ] >> how does this feel? >> feels awesome. amazing. louder than two year ago and this is awesome. >> reporter: how could it be louder? >> i don't know but they did it. >> reporter: what do you have to say to fans today? >> thank sow so much. this is awesome. this will bring you to tears.
9:38 pm
>> reporter: what is going through your head right now? >> a lot of black and orange is going through my head and that trophy. >> i could get used to it. my first year here and winning the world series in the rookie year. a lot to shoot for next year. >> quite a party the city puts on. >> we went to detroit and we are thinking wow our fans are way better. >> the pinnacle and what we worked for and just to have this happen this is great. the fan support has been amazing. >> it is incredible. it is amazing. so humbling. i'm so glad that everyone is able to enjoy it. this is what we work for. >> this is priceless. realis something is real, real special. >> reporter: what would you say to the fans? >> just thank you. the fans come out all year and it is fun to celebrate with them. >> this is the greatest mom of my life. to be around with these people and -- the greatest moment of my life. to be around with these people. they earned this.
9:39 pm
>> two times in three years. bringing another one next year. next year, guys! >> is tim flankery third base coach. >> what do you think of the crowd? >> unbelievable. i'm a big -- i start crying, i laugh, i'm blown away by the is support of this ball club and these people. >> can you compare this with the parade two years ago? >> it is different. we all know how to do it now. >> romo got out of his car. >> when did you finally think you had it? >> the last pitch he threw. >> tell the fans that last pitch how did it feel? >> it was just a gut check. the whole situation. just proud to be in the position. >> team just grateful. the gratitude, the sense of humility of so many of the players. >> i'm getting chills just
9:40 pm
watching them jump around. >> you wanted to we a giants player since a little boy, right? >> that was the dream. >> did you ever imagine this? >> not really no. i mean i always wanted to be there and play shortstop and win a world series but i mean the parade just kind of tops it all off. >> are you happy? >> i'm elated right now. incredible. it is such a special moment. so fun. i mean i was pretty tired this morning but i'm awake now! ♪ >> let me see this. this is jay. >> oh, very nice. >> a true believer. san francisco, the golden gate. you have been here since, what, 10:00 last night? >> 10:00 last night. >> oh,. >> i you didn't really see the parade but you are here to see the ceremony front anda center. >> all i really wanted to see was my boys up there on stage. ♪
9:41 pm
>> keep your eyes on dave. watch what happens when i say opagonda style. ♪ ♪ john can do it with me, too. [ applause ] ♪ >> and this is the broom to the city for the giants! the first ever, yes! congratulations on sweeping the world series championship! >> to parapraise hunter
9:42 pm
pence -- to paraphrase hunter pence, remember the moment, remember this moment. let's enjoy every minute. let's enjoy what we have together as a team, as a city, and as a community. >> i'm humbled to be a part of this. i'm so happy for all our family and friends because this is why we do this. and you folks will be etched in time and in history as one of the greatest teams not only in san francisco history but in baseball. >> if i had to put a tagline and hang it on this club it would be never say die. we had key players go down in the season, never say die. we got down 2-0 to the reds, never say die. we got down to st. louis, 3-1, never say die. and that last game against detroit was the first time we got behind and they never say
9:43 pm
die. >> ready. in here we go. hold it. knee brace. and pitch. swing and a miss! >> and, once again, they could say it loudly, we are the giants! we are san francisco! we are the world champions! >> there is two reasons why this team won this year. one, we came together and as hunter said earlier we played for the names on the front, not the names on the back. >> i told the guys on this team i was going to do this so i can't let them down. we have one little battle cry that nobody knows about and i will break it out right now and you guys have to figure it out on your own. simple as this. you're going to jail now! >> i look at each one of my
9:44 pm
teammates and we all got a different story but we all had one goal in mind. we all had one job in mind. we all had one how do you say dream in mind and that is to become be world series champions as a group. i'm very proud to say we are world series championsers, every one of you guys. you guys the same thing. we couldn't have done that without you, the city of san francisco. as i said, you guys better be proud. you guys need to be proud and we are all world series champions here wearing orange and black in san francisco. >> hands in the air. we going to slow clap this and bring it up with the rough, rough, tough, tough, tough. >> rough, rough, rough, tough, tough, tough! [chanting]
9:45 pm
♪ we are the champions my friend ♪ and we'll keep on fighting til the end ♪ ♪ we are the champions ♪ we are the champions ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ ♪ high on a hill ♪ that calls to me. ♪ san francisco ♪ golden sun will shine for
9:46 pm
me ♪ >> tony bennett bringing the house down. absolutely wonderful moments. thanks to our fabulous producer deb doing that for us today. she worked awfully hard on that. great moments to help you enjoy seeing some of that. looks like it was photo shopped. coming up next, the store arery behind this weird image. what in the world? stay with us. stay with us. abc 7 news at [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. the number of californians is who can now vote surged to record levels. almost a million and a half new voters signed up, nearly 50% online under the state's new
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law. experts say the new voters tend to be younger and more left leaning than the state's general voting population. election day next week. well, look at this image. two drug smugglers night have thought of the tv classic the dukes of hazard we the tried to beat the law by jumping their suv into the united states. hair brained scheme isn't it? but the jeep ended up getting stuck on a fence that separates the southern california desert in mexico. the smugglers abandoned the suv and ran back into mexico after the border patrol spotted them. wild. ill conceived evidently. >> one last check of the weather. spencer christian is here with the latest on this rain on this halloween night. >> a wet halloween night across the bay area. live doppler 7 hd a wide path of rain reaching through the central part of the viewing area. started in the north bay and still st. pauling over much of -- falling voter much of the bay.
9:51 pm
east cut to fairfield and concord and down south into san francisco and on to the peninsula. it is reaching south. we are getting closer to san jose and will sweep through the south bay during the overnight hours. wet conditions for the morning commute for the bay area. statewide tomorrow mainly dry conditions with a few area of spotty shower activity and showers here in fact will be tapering off after the morning hours giving way to partial clearing in the afternoon. high temperatures in the bay area tomorrow generally in the upper 60s to about 70 in the mildest inland locations. as we move to the weekend looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, sun in and warmer conditions. set you clocks back on saturday night or sunday morning as we fall back to standard time. lovely weather after tonight's rain. >> sports director larry beil is here with us all day for the coverage. what a great time we had covering that. >> i'm sorry. >> working on it. >> i was channeling john mill. i thought it would be a slow clap before every newscast. we ought to try that. >> a great way to start a show.
9:52 pm
the warriors started a new season tonight with the new center. andrew bogus long awaited debut
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we are just getting word of shots fired at the same area where the giants held the big celebration today. we are tracking it down and we will have a live report. the bay area county that is keeping a woman out of her home and may have violated federal regulations in the process. the i-team investigates. those stories and more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. larry beil is here to talk about the giants of course, but the warriors tonight. >> baseball season end heed with a parade and nba is here, baby. the center who was the center piece of last year's big trade made his golden state debut this evening as the warriors tipped off a brand new season in phoenix. darth vader at courtside and let me say welcome to the disney family, darth. bogan waste nod time. harrison barnes going to the
9:56 pm
rack. rookie finished with six points. then showing warrior fans what to ex-peck. he can take it to the rack and finish with 8 points. limited minutes because of h his variety injuries. rush had 14 points in the first half. warriors stone cold in the third. no d. michael beasley misses. cleaned up. 63-62 suns. they went up by 8. warriors respond. karl landry. i love him. you will, too. 76-76. lee to landry again. the former houston rocket and sacramento king led golden state 17-14 in the fourth quarter. warriors up two. curry missed a couple of free-throws and 2 of 14 tonight and tellfare a last look but missed the three at the buzzer. 87-85. wasn't always pretty but you will take a w. warriors with the win. surprise from golden state today. they gave the oft injured guard curry a four year $44 million
9:57 pm
contract extension. expect to shoot better than two of 14 if you are going to get that kind of money. nba a midnight deadline for all teams to give the 2009 first-round picks contract extensions or they would have become free agents. stef when healthy a good player but all kinds of problems with the ankle injure arey. missed 40 out of 66 games last season. an expensive gamble for the warriors. a great day in san francisco as the giants celebrated their second championship in the course of the last three seasons. hundreds of thousands, maybe a million people lined the streets cheering the player is as they drove by. everybody enjoying a giant party in the city. some of the guys new giants. they weren't here for the 2010 celebration. overwhelmed by the crowds that lined the route. >> got him looking! and the giants have won it all! >> the players, they executed
9:58 pm
and got it done and they were not going to be denied. a relentless group that didn't want to go home. >> in you think something is achievable as long as you are willing to work hard enough for it and believe it can happen you can get it done. >> what was the bigger thrill the perfect game or this? >> i think this was. this was awesome. a bunch of guys coming together and doing one thing and it paid off. i'm elated right now. this is incredible. >> such a special moment. so fun. i mean i was pretty tired this morning but i'm awake now! >> we did this together. it wasn't me. it was all of us. it was all of the city. and together we are -- >> congratulations, san francisco. we couldn't have done it without you guys. >> hunter pence led the team and the city in the giants pregame chant. he started this in cincinnati when the team was down 0-2 and
9:59 pm
definitely fired everybody up. that's good. some of the niners are big giants fans. coach jim harbaugh and quarterback alex smith took part in the parade as drivers. harbaugh drove for brandon bell and smith drove matt caine along the parade route. unmiller and dave fleming part of the best broadcasting team in baseball at today's rally showcased a rarely seen skill. >> keep your eyes on dave and watch what happens when i say -- >> ♪ >> i did not know they had this kind of skill. fantastic. >> we are working on that frantically and we will debut that soon here. larry

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